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Nichiran Karuta is a contemporary artist’s version of the ancient Karuta game. It is entirely based on Dutch and Japanese loan words in both languages. Nichiran Karuta was designed and made by the Japanese artists Yasuyoshi Botan and Hirokiti in collaboration with the Dutch artists Hannie van den Bergh and Jan van den Berg.
Did you know that the Dutch words for organ, donkey, ‘ransel’ (backpack) and even untamable are fully integrated in Japanese? Just as Japanese words such as sushi, tsunami and judo are naturally integrated into Dutch. 
This Japanese-Dutch Karuta has been developed as part of the Edo Sanpu 2020 project, an artists dialogue about imaging oneself and the other in Japan and the Netherlands.

The game
The game consists of 50 cards:
25 card with an ukiyo-e style illustration and 25 poetry cards in letter press.
Cards 10 x 15 cm, four colour print offset, 400 gr. paper
leaflet with explanation of the game, packed together in a box
The costs for 1 set are 24.95 euro* 


OBA Oosterdok Amsterdam, 30 Dec 2018
Yasaka shrine Kyoto Japan, New Year’s Day

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