Expositie Edo Sanpu 2020 bij Zone2Source (Het Glazen Huis) Amsterdam

8 jan t/m 10 jan 2021 Zone2Source Amsterdam
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Taste NoriPan and participate in the workshops

9 dec 2019 With Yamada Machi team and UnoBento in Amsterdam
11 dec 2019 With Yamada Machi team and Remouillage in Amsterdam
22 sept 2019 With 8ablish Tokyo
15&16 sept 2019 Presentation during Matsuri Yamada Machi
12 sept 2019 Workshop with chef and ladies Yamada Machi

Play Karuta and visit the exhibition 

18 sept 2019 workshop Junior High school Yamada Machi
21 dec 2018 – 31 march 2019 Exhibition OBA Oosterdok Amsterdam
22 Febr 2019 Presentation Dutch Embassy in Tokyo 
6 jan 2019 Karuta Challenge Sieboldhuis Leiden
30 dec 2018
kunstenaarsgesprek en Karuta Challenge OBA Amsterdam
23 dec 2018 kinderworkshop OBA Oosterdok
22 Dec & 29 Dec 2018 Karuta Challenge Tropenmuseum Amsterdam (during exhibition Cool Japan)
20 Dec 2018
Play Karuta, BouwPut Gallery Amsterdam

From Febr 2019 exhibitions and tournaments in Hirado, Nagasaki, Tokyo

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    NoriPan in Yamada Machi

    Recently Dutch artists Hannie van den Bergh and Jan van den Berg traveled to Yamada-machi (Iwate Prefecture) in Japan to establish their Nori Pan art project. A culinary dialogue Nori …